by Arjun on Nov 22, 2022


Perfumes are a gateway to a happy mood. How often has it occurred to you that you really like a fragrance, but its poor longevity is refraining you from reaching out to it?

We have a guide to share with you. You would want to consider the concentration of fragrance oil in your bottles. There are different categories of perfumes depending on the oil concentration. Here’s a mini lowdown on the same.

What gives fragrance to your perfumes is the amount of fragrance oil it holds. The rest is a combination of alcohol and a few essential ingredients.

The lightest of all to wear is EAU DE FRAICHE, with an oil concentration of 1-3%. Body mists and Aftershaves fall in this category and have 1-3% oil designed not to be too overpowering.

Further comes EAU DE COLOGNE, with an oil concentration of 2-5%. It doesn’t last for more than an hour or two.

Next is EAU DE TOILETTE (EDT), which has an oil concentration of 5-15% and lasts for 3-4 hours. EDTs are more affordable than Eau De Parfums (EDP) due to their lower concentration of perfume oil. Often sold with body washes and lotions of the same variant, EDTs make for a great gift set.

EAU DE PARFUM (EDP) has an oil concentration of 15-20% and lasts more than 7 hours. It lasts longer on the skin and even longer on clothes, does not transfer easily, smells stronger, and you don’t need to use it as often as EDTs, so it’s a wiser investment.

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