Fraganote is an artisanal fragrance brand established to enable greater access to high-quality fragrances. We manufacture our products in small batches with a higher concentration of perfume oil that guarantees a longer stay. Our formulations are exclusive, rendering each bottle a unique story that we can’t wait to share with you. 

At Fraganote, we invite you to create memories with our carefully designed fragrances with fragments of all that we love in landscapes, nature, and design.

Luxury fragrance products with accessible pricing
Fraganote aims to provide greater access to high-quality perfumes and candles. Each product contains superior ingredients guaranteed to make the fragrances last long. 

Premium Ingredients
We source the highest quality ingredients and produce in small batches with exceptional care. Our fragrance oil comes from a leading perfumer in India who procures raw materials from across the globe, including unique elements found exclusively in South Africa, Spain, and Australia. 

Safe and Skin-friendly 
We go to great lengths to ensure that our products are friendly for all skin types and do not cause allergies or rashes.  Our perfumes have no artificial coloring and are safe to use on the skin. We still recommend doing a patch test before applying anything on your skin.